Personalized Phone Case

Heyhey everyone! Today I want to share a DIY project I did last month. It’s a personalized phone case.
Have you ever been looking for a phone case that defines you at its best? Have you ever been looking for a phone case that it belongs to you only? Have you ever been looking for a phone case that no one has the same case just like yours? Yes, I have. I always look for a case that you-know-it’s-mine when you see it because you’ve never seen it anywhere else before.
So, just when I bought a new phone, I am taking a very long time to search for the-one-and-only case. And yep, it doesn’t exist anywhere. So, I bought a plain phone case because I thought I’ll just decorate it later. I wanted to look for the white color but no stores had it that day, so okay I picked that gray one.
Back to home, I ran to my scrapdesk and found anything gorgeous that will make my case has “oh, wowww” look. And then I found MeandMyBigIdeas stickers that just recently bought. I love it. I mean I really really love it to the moon and back! Haha
I chose what stickers I would use, it takes 10 minutes only I guess. So here it is! The personalized phone case that belongs to me. Yippie!

When I get a chance to buy a white phone case, I definitely will decorate it and taadaa, I will have 2 gorgeous phone case. Greedy. Haha.
I’ll be back with more DIY tips for you.



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