About Me

See that little boy! Feel annoyed when photo taking session. Lol

See that little boy! Feel annoyed when photo taking session. Lol

Hello hello! I’m a happy wife and mom to one little adobrale cheeky baby boy. Married in early 2013 and gave birth to Ryan Gareth in Nov 2013. Last year’s been a wonderful year for me and my little family. Currently lives in Surabaya, Indonesia. I love to travel anywhere with my hubby, walking through every roads we see and happy with every steps we made. I’m still living in my dream for one day I’ll be in Paris.

Spending most of the time at home, well I almost going outside everyday but I’m happy at home. Most of the day I take care of my baby, together with hubby as he seeks for full attention anytime. As a newlywed, I still learn to cook and I’m proud to say my homemade dish is overall okay (well, sometimes not). As a graphic design major graduated, I love to find myself sit in front of computer doing my job as a designer for a WordPress site service. Also making templates for my Etsy store, Miora Design. Can you visit my store and leave me some love?

When I don’t have anything to do, I will grab my scrapbook stuff and make something. I used to have an online scrapbook service, Bibi and Nini, and it has given me great memories. I still accepting orders but don’t have time to manage the site and social media. I’m quite happy with sharing my scrap journal in this blog and I do hope you will feel happy too! Besides scrapbook, I found myself pretty addicted to stationary things. I love collecting and admiring my collections everyday, feels like a spring breeze through the window.

Here you’ll found my daily life, graphic works, and scrapbook journal.

You can reach me anytime at merwyndianora[at]yahoo.com


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