Freebies – 3×4 Journaling Cards – My Honey Bee


So, it’s been a loooonnggg time, way too long, since the last time I posted my layouts. I come back with another freebie for you, wink wink! Actually it had been done months ago, but I forgot to upload them. But see how you guys downloaded and use my first freebie, I told myself that I have to share the second freebie soon. 🙂 I hope I will keep creating more freebies for you all scrapbooker, daily planner, or anything that need those from me.

The second set I created is called “My Honey Bee”. I’ve made 6 cards like usual, using bee clipart I purchased from My Clip Art Store. Those clipart’s are so cute that I want to make something from.

Here’s a preview for the journaling cards (and click Download Here below the image to get yours!):

Freebies - 3x4 Journaling Cards - My Honey Bee

Download Here

As usual, please do not claim these as your own. Please kindly give credit to my blog whenever you upload your project with my printable cards. I would love to see what you’ll create with these journaling cards. If you are instagram, please mention me @merwynd or simply put hashtag #mioradesign on your post. Last, do not forget to drop your sweet comments below! XOXO


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